Sunday, August 15, 2010

On the Road Again

Great-Great Grandma Roma with Gaga, Mommy, Liana, and Gillian (September 2009)
Sorry for my absence the past several days. Almost as soon as we got home to St. Louis we had to leave again. My great-great-grandma died, so we traveled to Claremore, Oklahoma for her memorial service. Being in the car again was the last thing I was interested in, but I got to add a new state to my list and once we got there I got to meet a lot of new relatives--Great-Grandma (Carol Hamvas, my mom's grandma), Great-Uncle Dan (mom's dad's brother), Great-Great Aunt Gwen (mom's dad's aunt) and Great-Great Aunt and Uncle Ann and Chuck (mom's dad's aunt and uncle). That's a lot of greats! They all loved me, of course. Everyone told lots of stories about Great-Great Grandma, and I was sad that I never got the chance to meet her. The rest of my family visited her last year when I was still in Mommy's tummy, so I guess I kind of met her, but not really. It sounds like she was a really cool lady, and I know she was proud of her family. While we were there we spent a lot of time looking at old photo albums and reading through her old letters that she had kept. I mostly tried to shove everything in my mouth because that's just the way I roll, but it was also pretty impressive to see those pictures--some of them from as long ago as the 1920s! She sure witnessed a lot of history in her 98 years. And she was active right up until the end--she loved writing too, and just a few weeks ago we had received a newsletter she had written chronicling the first 6 months of this year (of course I had a starring role in that newsletter!). She will be missed, but she had a long life and accomplished a lot, and was satisfied with and grateful for the life she had. We should all be so lucky!

And here's your picture of me for the day!

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