Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's My Turn Now

This is Gillian. People call me Gigi, or just G. My parents call me G Monster. You can call me Princess G. I'm tired of Asher getting all this attention. I'm pretty cute too, and I'm a princess on top of that.

Let's talk about dresses. I only wear dresses because princesses only wear dresses. My favorite princess is Jasmine. I know, she doesn't normally wear a dress, but she wears a dress when she gets married, and I love weddings. My favorite bedtime storybook right now is the photo album from Mommy and Daddy's wedding.

My favorite dresses are Liana's dresses. I like my dresses to be big and long, so Liana's dresses are the best. She doesn't care about wearing dresses anyway, so that's good for me.

I was sad today because I didn't listen to my mom and got my dress taken away. When I don't listen I have to wear shorts. It's so beneath me.

I'm glad to be home with all my Barbies so I can put dresses on them and marry them over and over. But, I miss all my friends from camp too--my fellow princesses Mia and Leilani, and my Mama Monkey Julie Ann.

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