Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three..... Two..... One...... ME!!!!!!!!!

Asher is cute and Gillian might be a princess, but I am the brains that started it all. I am the original, the pioneer, and the first edition. I am the artist, the dancer, and the memory. I am Liana Faye and I am here to tell it to you straight. I will pull the wool from your eyes and let you see the truth. That is my gift to you. It is now Liana time.
I want to talk about my school. I go to a great preschool with a lot of my friends where I am a Lizard. No, we do not practice metamorphosis, that is just the name of the pre-K group that I am in. I am really excited to get to go back. Besides camp, school is my favorite place. I love to learn. My dad tells me I have an awesome brain. He is correct. My brain is awesome. It should have it's own facebook fan page. It is almost as cool as Antoine Dodson, but it is cooler than Hasselhoff.

I am also a really good artist. My pictures tell stories. I can draw anything including roads, dragons, G-d, and landscapes. My current favorite is my Queen Spoon Person. It is even more awesome than the name.

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