Sunday, August 8, 2010


Tonight, I eat oatmeal.  I have only had one thing to eat for six months and I am looking forward to some variety.  I have seen a box of oatmeal sitting on the counter with a chunky surprised looking baby on it.  I am sooooo excited to eat something.  Maybe after I eat the oatmeal I will have some sushi or something else that works with my advanced palate.  I will keep all my fans informed with how the tasting goes.

Look at all that clean laundry that I get to fold!
On a different note, my sisters got some cute cupcake necklaces (thank you Uncle Philip and Aunt Diane).  They came in fake cupcakes and Gillian keeps trying to eat it.  She also wore Grandma Lynn's wedding dress and it was huge on her, but it was really cute.  Liana has been doing some really nice drawings.  Some of our cousins from Vegas are visiting and my sisters are playing with Goldie and having a lot of fun.  It is nice seeing relatives that we do not often see.  Here are a couple of pictures of my sisters from the summer.
Liana wearing face paint from a local festival before camp

Gillian looking awesome and futuristic chilling in a tunnel

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