Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am SOOOO Excited, I could Plotz!

Great news all you loyal followers.  Are you ready for this?  Well I know I am.  Jack and Lisa are engaged!  I know my big sis is BFF with Lisa so she is excited and Gillian is stoked because Lisa has a really good fashion sense and gets her nice big dresses.  I, on the other hand, am excited for my "I am a PC" Uncle Jack because he is the only one who calls me Solo.  He thinks it is going to stick, but I am not so sure.  He says it is because of my first of two middle names, Solomon, but my dad thinks that it is because I am the only testosterone surrounded by a lot of estrogen.  Either one works.  So this is the official "Asher a Day" sign of congratulations---   CONGA RATS! 
Captain Howie, G, Me, and Liana chilling up in the Wood.

Now after those formalities... back to the reason you are here right now.  That is me, if you were not sure.  Let's talk about my exercise plan that I currently am working with. My mom puts me on the ground and I get on my fingers and toes like I am a strutting bear. Once I am in that position, the possibilities are endless.  I can:
  1. Rock back and forth like I am revving up to go nowhere
  2. Move backwards (this is not crawling, it is an involuntary equal and opposite reaction to option one)
  3. Drop my face quickly into the ground resulting in me being picked up due to tears
  4. Pelvic thrust the floor like some strange version of the Time Warp (this really drives me insa-a-a-a-a-ne
  5. Drop to a prone postion like I am in combat
  6. Go to a higher elevation so I can locate my binky, rattle, party elephant or any other thing to put in my mouth
  7. Show off my rocking imitation junk filled diaper booty  (it's phat!)
  8. Practice being a center for an NFL team
  9. Become a bridge/mountain for the constant reliving of the wedding from Little Mermaid or Aladin III that has been going on non stop during daylight hours for about a week now by my sisters
  10. (Insert your own interpretation here.  Chances are I have done it)
Once the forward momentum actually propels me forward, all bets are off.  This Asher WILL be on the move.  There will be no stopping me.  The world will be my oyster and you bet I am ready to start shucking.  On that note, I am going to check my Asian Stocks, have a night cap, and catch some ZZZZZ's.  My parents are looking tired so I think I will visit them only three times tonight.  Until tomorrow.  Asher out.

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