Thursday, November 25, 2010

Liana's Birthday Weekend Extravadanza

No, that's not a typo. I did mean "extravadanza!"

Sorry I did not get back to write a new post earlier this week. All the excitement left me feeling a little under the weather. People are continually amazed by how much snot can come out of one little nose.

Let's talk about Liana's birthday weekend. Liana turning 5 was too big an event to be contained in just one day. It started Friday, which I already covered in another post. In the afternoon Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Howie came into town. They bring an entourage--a small, but very loud entourage--their two miniature dachshunds, Mini and Moe. They are some of the few creatures in this family that I am actually larger than, but I think I freak them out because I am largeness impaired.

Saturday was the big birthday party for Liana's friends. It was at a gymnastics place. Imagine 15 four- and five-year olds, plus Gillian, running around and screaming. Luckily they were all too busy actually doing gymnastics to think about smooshing me. The upside to the party was that my future girlfriend Lauren was there. She's Liana's friend Ryan's little sister (I think Liana and Ryan are going to hook up eventually too). She's a month older than me, but that's just how I roll. She is almost walking, so I have much to learn from her.

This place was cool.  There was all sorts of gymnastics equipment everywhere! A lot of it was not used by the people at the party but maybe they were used by the US Olympic Gymnastics Team!  I might have sucked on the same balance beam that a future gold medalist walked on.  I do not know if I should be honored or disgusted (I often suck on things that touch feet such as my socks, shoes, floors, steps, etc...)  Liana and her cronies jumped, flew, ran, hopped, flipped, rolled, gallivanted ,and canoodled all over the place with trampolines, ropes, nets, balance beams, rings, foam pits, spring boards, parallel bars, and a cool slightly springy floor.  I sure know my gymnastics, I am like a modern day Vitaly Scherbo.

After the party we went back to Nana and Gaga's house for hamburgers. It was awesome! I don't get much meat, so to get it two days in a row was almost unheard of.  My family got to use Ga's new telescope to see four moons of Jupiter and a lot of moon detail.  My dad thought he saw an alien up there on that silly old moon, but it was just an eyelash. Go figure.

Sunday:  Liana went to Sunday School.  I got to chill with Grandma Lynn which was awesome.  I love when my Chicago fam comes to visit.  I need to pencil some more time with them into my schedule soon.  We had Five Guys for lunch.  No one would give me a peanut.  BOO.  Dinner was fajitas and was my first taste of avocado. For some thing that has the consistency of well formed poo, it was surprisingly good.    I think that my next stop is going to be guacamoleville. 

So that was the weekend.  It took me a whole week to recoup from it.  Today is Thanksgiving.  I plan to do a post about all things turkey tonight before my dad needs to go to sleep to be at Best Buy for Black Friday.  To all my fans, talk to you later.

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