Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate two special people in my life for reaching a milestone.  My Mom and Dad were married eight years ago today.  Since I am only a little baby, eight years is a hard thing for me to comprehend.  My parents have been married:
252,288,000 seconds
4204,800 minutes
70,080 hours
2,920 days
417.14 weeks
96 months
And just of the novelty of it:  1 Octennial and 208.571428571 Fortnights.  (I do not know what these are)
That is a lot of fortnights.  All that this shows me is that my parents have been married a really long time.  Look at all those seconds! Neither of my sisters were born when my parents were married so they cannot tell me about it and I was certainly not there.  I wish I was, I heard it was a rocking good time! 

I can't belive that my Mom would date
 someone who looked like that, even if
he eventually becomes my dad.  Geez,
Look at that hair.  My lord. 

My parents met at camp when they were both campers. They both had been campers one other year but not at the same time.  I like to believe that it was destined for them to meet at camp because it made a special place even more special to them.  It took them a while to get together (almost two years) and then they dated long distance for five years.  My dad, who is quite the romantic, even proposed to mom at camp.  Even though they were far apart, it never seemed like it.  They would see each once or twice a month and then for the full summer at camp. 
I have heard stories of their wedding.  They were surrounded by friends who had been with them all the way from when they met, started dating and got engaged.  There was dancing, singing, and even Tunaking.  Everyone was so happy for them.  It was really a celebration.
So on this Octennial let's take an invnetory of where my parents are at. Mom and Dad have three great children, a satisfactory home and careers the are content with.  They have created an amazing family that I am happy to be a part of.   You can see their love and how it has shaped our family unit.  My parents deserve to have at least one night where my compatriots and myself sleep through the night.  So, I proclaim that tonight Liana, Gillian, and myself will go to sleep with no fuss and will not wake up!
Being under two, it is very hard to buy a present for my parents.  But I researched what I would get them if I could buy them something.  I just want to put on the table that people are stupid.  Look what I found while researching.  
The traditional eighth wedding anniversary gift is bronze.  Is this like a third place finish?  Congrats, you got to bronze.  Nice job.    
The modern gift is an appliance.  “Dear, I love you.  I have loved you for eight years.  Take this toaster as a sign of my affection.”  Or "I love you almost as much as clean sheets.  Here is a new washer and drier.  Get started."  I guess you do have to be married to someome for a while before you can get away with giving him or her an appliance as an anniversary present.  That takes chutzpah. 
Apparently they should also take a specific trip based on what anniversary number they are on.  The eighth anniversary trip is to a Casino.  (I feel there are some good jokes that could go in here, but I am not brave enough to type them.  Use your mind to think them up.) Shouldn’t that be the 7th or the 11th anniversary?  I digress...
So Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!  I love you both and hope you have a really good day.

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