Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poop Week Day 4: Identity Theft is Poop

A lot of you know by now that my mom has been dealing with identity theft this past week. Someone has been on a shopping spree, opening lots of new credits cards, and Mom is getting the bills. So far, it hasn't been so bad to deal with. All the credit card companies have actually been very helpful. Mom has just been spending many hours on the phone. We even got a visit from the police so Mom could file a police report. At first I thought I was being arrested because it's illegal to be this cute. The best part of the police visit?

#1--When Mom called them she thought they would either take her statement over the phone or have her come in to the station. Nope, they said they were coming to the house. Now, remember, Mom had been spending hours on the phone while Gillian and I were both awake. What happens when Mom is on the phone and children are awake? The house gets destroyed. All the cushions off the couches, crayons and uncapped markers all across the floor, small pieces of paper everywhere (Gillian's new favorite activity is cutting her art), crumbled rice cake trails marking everywhere I had been. Mom also hadn't had a chance to shower yet after exercising, so she was stinky and gross and then started running crazy around the house trying to get it presentable enough for the police to see. Keep in mind, we live in a small community, about 5 minutes away from the police station, so this all happened very quickly (I think there is still a lot of stuff shoved under the couches.)

#2--The detective who came to the house was named James Ford. This is only exciting if you are a Lost fan, but for Lost fans, it is super exciting. Also, as Mom said, he wasn't as hot as Josh Holloway.

So, that's the poopy situation we're in for now. Things seemed to have settled down for now (two days with no new credit cards in the mail!), and everything seems to be working out. We're not sure how Mom's information got out there, but it's a good reminder for everyone. Keep your information safe!

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