Thursday, August 11, 2011

What a Summer!

You may have been wondering where I've been for the last three months. It was a wonderful, magical place, where I was king of all the babies. Camp! I'm sorry I didn't update you on my adventures throughout the summer. I may be 18 months old now, but I still don't have the motor skills to do all my typing, and Mom and Dad were too busy with all their work (aka, going to Bauer's--the local tavern, for those of you unfamiliar) to help me type my posts.

Alas, we are back home, getting back into a routine, and Liana will be starting kindergarten on Monday, so that will give Mom so much more time for me. Don't worry, I will update you on all the happenings of the summer in the coming weeks. Today I will be sharing the story of our homecoming.

Before I do that, however, I have to give a special shout out to my bro Effie, who was my babysitter for the summer. We had awesome times together and he showed me how important it is to always be yourself!

So, we came home Tuesday night. In past summers when my family has come home from camp, there has usually been some kind of emergency waiting for them. One summer it was a flooded basement (which was right after the basement had been remodeled, with new drywall and carpeting). One summer it was a broken water heater. This summer, it was....two things:

1) Moths in the pantry--goodbye all the flour, sugar, etc., that Mom had acquired for all the random baking and cooking projects that she and the girls want to do.

2) This one takes some explanation. Before the summer, Gillian had her birthday party in which she got a plastic princess tub filled with different princess games. At some point before we left, the games were taken out of the tub. This afternoon, Mom was cleaning up from her and the girls' cooking project (homemade kiwi-apple fruit roll-ups) and Gillian was playing with the various princess games. Then she decided she wanted to open the tub to see if anything else was in there--which there was, just not princess games. She couldn't get the tub open herself, so she brought it over to Mom, at which point it slipped out of her hands and opened. Then, the horror. Black goo splattered out across the floor and there was some mass of black grossness filling the pink tub. Mom and Gillian ran away, Mom threw Gillian into the sink to wash her, and then Mom quickly cleaned up the trail of black goo that went from the play room to the living room before anyone else could get it on them. They all hid in the bathroom and called Dad, and then went outside to play until Dad got home. Dad removed the grossness from the house, but even with close inspection he could not figure out what it was. There have been mice in our house before, so that was everyone's first thought, but it was too far decomposed to tell. Later Gillian was playing in the playroom again and found more of the black goo that had been dripping out of the tub onto all the other toys underneath it. Needless to say, we have no more princess tub and have thrown away some other toys.

So, that was our exciting homecoming. Be sure to check back often...I'm back!

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