Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poop Week Day 2: So That's Why They Call it the Poop Deck

If I were to start a post by saying I pooped in one of my diapers, no one would think a thing of it. But if I were to say my five-year-old sister pooped in one of my diapers, that makes for a good tale. So begins Day 2 of Poop Week.
This past weekend, we vacationed with the extended family (Nana, Gaga, Aunt Rin, Aunt Louie, Uncle Sock, and Casey) and rented a house on the lake for Gaga's birthday extravaganza. It was an awesome weekend--swimming, eating (the main food groups of the weekend were donuts, cake balls, and meat), tormenting Casey (she's a dog for those of you who don't remember, and her tail belongs to me), staying up late, and basically having free reign of an un-baby-proofed house. Also, Uncle Sock and Aunt Louie brought their new canoe, and it is my new best friend. You haven't seen a tantrum until you see me left on the dock as one of my sisters gets a canoe ride instead of me.

Anyway, on to the poopy part. Saturday we rented a pontoon boat and spent the day unsuccessfully trying to catch fish. There are many things a pontoon boat doesn't have. A bathroom is one of them. We had plenty of swimming time, so that took care of most of the bathrooming needs. But then, Liana had to go, and when she has to go, she has to go. We were anchored at the time, eating lunch and fishing and spent a short time debating. Since we were planning on swimming, she couldn't just make a floater, and we were too far away from any marinas to think about that (and it turned out our boat's motor had shorted out and we couldn't have driven to a marina anyway--an hour later we were being towed). So, Mom suggested one of my diapers. Now, I have a little booty, and Liana is the size of a 10-year-old, so my diaper wasn't going to fit on her. Super-genius Mom decides to get Liana propped up in a squatting position and volunteers to hold the diaper underneath her as Nana holds up a towel for privacy. Of course, nothing much stays private as Liana provides commentary throughout the whole poop. "Ok, here comes the poop." "Whoa, I'm peeing too!" "It's still touching my butt." All this while everyone else ate lunch on the other side of the boat. Yay, Liana.

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  1. I'm torn between "Love the post" and "ewey poopy"... love it, and... gross. :) -Audrey