Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poop Week Day 3: Pooberry

The Blueberry, that is. Yes, the most beloved character in our house right now is a blueberry named Pooberry. Here's the story: The girls like Mom and Dad to sing them songs each night. They each get three songs each night (unless they do something to lose one), so you can imagine how many times we have heard "Twinkle Twinkle," "ABC," "Baa Baa Black Sheep," etc. (We have actually had some nights where all six songs are with the same melody and the girls don't seem to mind--it drives me crazy!) Eventually the girls started asking Mom and Dad to make up songs. Dad's are one-trick ponies. He sings them one night and they are quickly forgotten. Mom's, for some reason, can go on forever. For example, Gillian had a Mom song about a princess named Pink who had a pony named Rainbow and a dragon friend named Googagoogagoo who liked to go to a cotton candy waterfall. Pink and Rainbow and Googagoogagoo's song came back night after night with many different adventures until Mom and Dad got tired of it and eventually got it out of the rotation.

Now we have Pooberry. This happened at camp. Dad would make up random one-night songs about fruit that had different personalities. One night Dad was out working late and Mom started making up some fruit songs, and suddenly Pooberry was born. I didn't think it would stick. None of the other fruit songs she made up did. But there's just something about Pooberry.

The basic premise of the song is that Pooberry rolls around town or the forest or by a river and gets eaten by some kind of animal or person. Pooberry gets upset about being eaten and finds a way out, either by tickling or dancing in the animal's stomach, and then gets pooped or barfed out. Eventually Pooberry started picking up friends to travel around with. The first friends were Red the Raspberry and Black the Blackberry. Gillian often reminds us that Red is the only girl in the crew. Then they met Corny the Corn, Manapple-y the Apple and Steve the Orange. Then one day they got trapped in the circus and met Black Licorice the Bear. Black Licorice ate all of them at first, but then when he realized they could all talk, he barfed them out and became their friend and protector. Then they escaped from the circus and started riding around on his back to get wherever they needed to go. Then they met Flicky the Moose, and now Corny, Manapple-y and Steve ride on Flicky and Pooberry, Red and Black ride on Black Licorice. Most recently they met Grover Cleveland, who snores so loud that he keeps all the would-be predators away while they're sleeping.

And that's Pooberry. We don't get to hear any other songs at night now. "Shenandoah" used to be Gillian's favorite song and it was a nice song to relax to. Now we get six songs worth of Pooberry every night.

I couldn't make this up even if I tried.

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