Monday, August 22, 2011

Poop Week Day 1: Nugget

It's time for me to branch out and have a theme week. Think "Shark Week," but less shark, more poop. Poop is a big deal to a baby and to anyone who takes care of a baby, so it's about time that we dealt with it.

Today's story is about pooping out. You all know our Zhu Zhu Pet Sottie, I mean Spottie, and Spottie's friends Nugget and Azer. Spottie is doing well, and we still haven't found Azer (I guess when you're a ninja hamster you are super good at hiding). Nugget, however, is having some troubles. When you're a little motorized hamster with wheels, especially when you're roaming around a house like ours that has three children and a dad who leave lots of messes, you're going to get stuff stuck around your wheels. So began Nugget's slow demise. First she would just stop, and if you banged her against the floor just the right way, she would go again. Then she stopped being able to go forward and could only go backwards. It was a sad sight to see, that poor little Zhu Zhu rolling around in backward circles. So, Mom tried to swoop in and save the day.  The trouble with moms is that they can do so many things that they think they can do anything. Sure, my mom can make dinner, do laundry, keep Liana and Gillian from killing each other, and combat identity theft (see Poop Week Day 3: Identity Theft is Poop) all at the same time, but she cannot perform surgery on a tiny motorized rodent. Nugget's innards ended up being strewn all about the couch, and while she got most of the hair and other crap out, she could not get Nugget put back together again. At least, not in the correct way. Nugget is paralyzed now, and can only make its annoying noises. As cool as Zhu Zhu pets are when they are roaming free, they are just poopy when they can't move. Nugget is nowhere near as much fun to torment as she used to be.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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