Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Growing Boy

I had my 18 month check-up today and boy was it awesome. First I got to play with the roller coaster bead toys that were in the waiting room. Why are those toys in every doctor's office and nowhere else? They are awesome! Then I got to flirt with all the nurses who thought I was super cute (though I did have some competition from Gillian because she had insisted on wearing her Queen Esther dress and was super fancy). Then I got to be naked, which is always cool. The nurse left the door open at one point and I tried to take off down the hall to show everyone my naked glory, but Mom was too fast. The doctor's office also recently installed new planet mobiles above the exam tables, so there were lots of colorful balls to look at (insert joke here). I did an awesome job at growing and being healthy. I'm in the 75th percentile for height and 50th for weight, so I've put on some chub since my last check-up. And I'm happy to report that I did not cry for my first shot, and I only cried for two seconds for my second shot. They distracted me with a new ball pretty quickly. Gillian of course reported to Liana that I cried two times, but she was just being dramatic.

The part that had nothing to do with me was Gillian's obsession with her little plastic platypus toy that she found in the prize drawer at the doctor's office. On the way home, she named it Platy, and its nickname is Pinkie, and its last name is Pinko. She kept talking about how she wanted to make a house for it, but Gillian is very easily distracted, so I didn't believe she'd actually do it. We got home and right away she found a box and got to work. Mom made lunch for everyone, but Gillian (who is constantly eating) didn't touch hers because she was too busy. Then Mom put me in my crib for a nap and normally during that time Mom works and keeps Gillian out of her business by letting Gillian watch TV or play computer. But, as I'm told, she did none of those things during my nap today. She worked on that house for a good two hours--cutting out windows, decorating it inside and out, making a bed and a food bowl for Platy. She never works on anything for that long. She's like a goldfish when it comes to attention spans. Then she was still obsessed with it two hours later when Liana came home, so much so that Liana had to make a house for her little plastic mole that Gillian had picked out of the prize drawer for her. At least we know she can focus on things now.
The Houses: Mr. Mole's on the left and Platy's on the right

I can drive a truck now too!

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