Thursday, August 18, 2011

Philosophy With My Sisters

My parents always talk about how we kids have awesome brains. It started with Liana because she's ridiculously smart and often acts like a 30-year-old. Then it went on to me because I'm awesome all around. And then I think they gave it to Gillian just to counteract the middle-child syndrome. Anyway, we are all awesome.

This morning, Mom, Liana and I were still at the table eating breakfast (a new cereal this morning-Oatmeal Squares-even better when thrown at people) and Gillian was running around doing whatever Gillian does. Out of nowhere, Gillian says, "I think God has an awesome brain."

Liana, knowing everything as usual, says, "Well, of course God has an awesome brain. He's God."

So, there's your lesson for today. God has an awesome brain.

What's going on over there?

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