Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going Viral

Apparently I have become very popular--or, at least, I have moved up in search engine rankings. Normally when I have a new post, I have about 30-40 pageviews in a day. So, you would expect that during my long summer of silence I would have very few visitors to my site. You can imagine my surprise when I logged on last week to have over 150 pageviews in the last several days. Somehow my post Care Bears Countdown has suddenly started coming up for people searching for the cuddly creatures. It's my first step to going viral!

In other news, I go for my 18-month check-up tomorrow, so I'll let you know the results. Liana is sad that she's going to be at school and have to miss it. She wants Gillian to report to her if I cry or not. Dude, I'm getting shots. Of course I'm going to cry.
I'm throwing an iron at you.

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