Sunday, August 28, 2011


Liana started school super early this year, so I've had two weeks with just Gillian and Mom. I've listened to a lot of strange Gillian conversations. Here's a winner:

Gillian: Mom, when will you be dead?
Mom: I don't know.
Gillian: Well, I'm going to be dead when I grow up! Who are my kids going to be?
Mom: I don't know--whatever kids grow in your tummy.
Gillian: Who's going to be the dad?
Mom: When you grow up and find someone you love you can get married and that person can be the dad.
Gillian: I already have someone. Amichai? [Amichai was a boy Gillian was good friends with at camp.]
Mom: Ok.
Gillian: Or maybe it should be Joseph. [Joseph is a boy from her school.]
Mom: You have a long time to figure it out.
Gillian: Actually, I'm just going to marry Daddy.

Also, Gillian has a kind of warped sense of things. We've been seeing a lot of convertibles driving around lately. When Gillian sees one, she sings in a teasing sort of voice, "That car has no top!" And then she usually says, "We're lucky our car has a top."

She also wants to be a queen when she grows up.

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