Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The World According to Gillian

Now we all know Gillian has a strange view of the world. She knows what she knows, no matter how right or wrong it is, and she's not going to let you tell her it's any other way. So, Gillian had a playdate with her best friend today and apparently was quite chatty. Here are some highlights: 

Gillian on fruit: Grapefruit is made out of grapes and it's an orange.

Gillian's friend: When do I get to be a sister?
Friend's mom: God hasn't given me a baby yet.
Friend: You gotta get married again! That's how it works!
Gillian: No, you gotta get eggs! My Dad put 3 eggs in my mom and then ...
Friend's mom: Uh...! That's enough, no more talk of eggs! 
Friend: Eggs? Where do you get the eggs?

P.S. I'm typing this post as ants crawl in and out of the keyboard. Gillian left something sticky on it and I guess there are ants coming in by the desk. Ew.

P.P.S. We had two trees taken down at our house today and it was awesome! I spent most of the morning standing on my train table so I could look out the window and watch those wood chips fly. 


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