Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Discoveries

As you all know, I'm just a toddler, so I'm making new discoveries every day. This week I've made some huge breakthroughs.

#1. I found Azer, my Kung Zhu Ninja Hamster. I chased him for a while and then put him in the trash can. Not such a ninja anymore.

#2. I got into my sisters' GoGurt stash. They take them to school in their lunches, so I've never really seen them before. Well, I'm quite fond of rummaging through the refrigerator now and got a hold of one. Amazingly, Mom let me have it and it was...awesome! Even more amazingly, I didn't make a huge mess with it. There's just something about sucking on a tube of yogurt... (P.S. Gila, Mom and Dad can't look at GoGurt without thinking of you and the GoMole.)

#3. The toilet. I've always loved playing with the toilet--closing the lid on people, throwing things into it, splashing in it. You may also remember my recent flirtation with the potty chair (if not, read about it here). That hasn't gone anywhere. I just like to wear it on my head now. But, I did learn how to flush the toilet. This may seem like a simple thing to most of you, but you can't imagine the power this now gives me. I now have a new way to torment my sisters (and I don't have that many ways of tormenting them other than turning the TV on and off). They're already scared of flushing toilets (don't ask me why), and now I can be all cute and sneak up on them and flush when they're going. Such power. Maybe even enough to get them to stop sitting on me.
I'll flush you too, camel.

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  1. I'm so glad you're discovering the world of GoFoods!