Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Give Me Some Corndogs!

I guess my mom felt like being unhealthy tonight, so she gave in to Dad's suggestion to make corn dogs, which was brought on by Gillian's insistence on having baked beans. (The corn dogs were kosher hot dogs, homemade non-dairy cornbread batter, baked in mini-muffin tins, so not as unhealthy as they could have been.) Dude, this was the best meal ever. The girls ate a couple of the mini cornbread muffins that didn't have hot dogs in them, Gillian ate a couple bites of plain hot dogs and a few beans, Liana ate one very dramatic bite from a hot dog, but I was the king. I ate three whole mini-muffin corndogs, plus the leftover hot dog from Liana. Why has this meal not happened in our house before? I'm tired of all the tvp, tofu and other meat substitutes, not to mention the pasta and quesadillas (which seem to be the only things the girls will consistently eat). Give me my meat! I'm a growing boy.

I want meat!

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