Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Man of Two Words

First, some of you are wondering if I have started walking yet. Well, I like to leave you all in suspense. I am doing a lot of unassisted standing (standing and waving a cell phone in the air is one of my favorite activities) as well as a lot of cruising around the furniture (that is why the TV tray incident happened). But, you're just going to have to wait for the walking.  I will bide my time and do it when you're least expecting it.

I do have other things to report. You all know by know that I have a very large vocabulary when it comes to writing. However, my baby vocal chords are not quite developed enough to say anything that you adults can understand. I did recently figure out how to say Mama and Dada. It's funny, because they're such simple words, but anytime I say them Mom and Dad turn into blubbering doofuses. I do have a new game with my mom though. They think I'm a trained monkey or something so they're always telling me to say this or say that. I used to comply--it's funny to see your parents act like a doofus. Then I realized it's even funnier if, when my mom tells me to say Mama, I say Dada instead. It seems to keep them entertained.

So, just like we did the Food Watch 2010 when I started on solids, we'll keep a list of all my spoken words here. My parents told me that when Liana and Gillian were learning how to talk they kept lists of all their words on the refrigerator. That was so 2000s. We're in the 2010s now, so we'll do things bloggerifically.

Another vintage picture since Daddy is hogging the good computer:

Dada? Doofus.

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