Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Daze

So I know I already posted today, but I just had to post again.  Jacqui and Audrey, my dad told me you were upset about the lack of my writing.  I will do better Jacqui, but I might need accommodations. And Audrey,  I hope you will still be my special lady this summer even though I have been a literary tease. 

I wanted to go to sleep tonight at my normal time, but no one would take me down.  I understand going up steps, but down steps seem surprisingly steep.  That was some rocking alliteration.  I did get to see something interesting though:  my father anticipating a Snow Day.  Many interesting things happened.  First, he pretended to write his subplans and work for his training that he had scheduled for Thursday.  What he was really doing was his 4 pronged storm research approach.  First he had the news on and was listening to the reports of the weather.  Second he had KSDK's web page of school closures up. Even though the site auto updates every two minutes, he still updated again and again.  Third was Google Maps.  This was so he could see where the school districts that closed were located.  Finally, he had Facebook up to see what his Social Network had to say about the snow.  With periodic checks out the window, my dad made his prediction:  there would be no school and no training for him tomorrow.  The big issue was Richwoods had not called off.  This might not seem like a big deal for the uninitiated, but it is a huge deal!  My dad works for Rockwood.  Two letters has the potential to shatter many students' hopes and dreams of a lazy day lounging in sweatpants.  But it is often Richwoods and not Rockwood.  My dad says "If there is a flake of snow in Missouri, Richwoods cowers in fear."  What perplexed my dad was that Richwoods was still in session.  It had not called off.  How could Rockwood call off if Richwoods had not?  Could Rockwood call out while Richwoods was in session?  This had never happened before.

But it did.  At 10:15pm, Rockwood called off closely followed by my dad's training.  Rockwood before Richwoods.  Rockwood... before Richwoods.  As I write this in a daze because my dad is too busy not working to put me to sleep, I realize that even as people grow up, there are still simple joys that are always loved.  Everyone loves a snow day.  It brings out the child.  I think that the teachers look forward to the snow day more than the students.  I know that the thing that I am most looking forward to is my dad being there to protect me from the whirlwind of destruction that is Liana and Gillian.  And now that he has quit Facebook games cold turkey, he should be able to protect me even more!

Rockwood before Richwoods, what next?  Gillian not dumping any container of anything she holds?  Who knows...  Stranger things have happened.

At 11:00pm, as I am getting ready to be changed, fed, and put down to slumber with The Frog, Richwoods has not called off.  I wonder how all those Richwoodians feel now...

Good night all and I will try to be a better blogger.

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