Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hedgehog's got a new flatscreen...

Asher here.  When I am not blogging, working on my porfolio, or enjoying the fine art of building tiny sailboats in bottles, I am searching the internet for amazing things to show my sisters to distract them enough to get to my mom's protective arms before Gillian hurts me.  In one of my Youtube surf-aries I came across the collected works of the modern day genius, Parry Gripp.  You might know him as the front man of the band Nerf Herder.  What I bring you today has the power to warm any angry heart.  This video could bring world peace if everyone would just watch it.  This video protects me from Gillian.  I bring you now, Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute!

Watch the rest of his videos and listen to his songs at  I would like to recommend some of our other favorites videos:
  • This is the best burrito I've ever eaten
  • Baby Monkey riding backwards on a pig
  • Wiener dog riding a skateboard
On his radio, "I wana be your Randy Quaid" is really good too. 

Enjoy the smile that is going to be on your face.  Post your favorite Parry Gripp song or video,  it can be sharing time.  That is all for today and remember, "keep on dancing on that cellphone you crazy little chicken!"

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