Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things that go bump in the night.

Liana here. I wanted to inform everyone that we live in a haunted house. My sister, Gillian, is a believer, but Asher has not yet been sold. Let us take a tour of the paranormal activity that is happening here in our pleasant home. This is all true, mind you.

First, there is a talking doorknob in my room. It keeps us awake unless we put a sock on it. Apparently, the best sock to shut up the knob is a hand knit sock that our Aunt Wedgie made. It is a problem if that sock is not on the knob. I guess the talking knob has been with us about a year now, or when me and my sister started sharing a room. It only talks at night and only when we are trying to go to sleep.

Next, when I had my own room, there was a hairball that was somersaulting across the room. It would go in and out of my laundry hamper. It really bothered me, so I slept with a hairbrush to scare it away. I thought it had gone away, but it makes an appearance every once in a while.

Is it a coincidence that these things happen when I'm trying to go to sleep? I think so. Sometimes I think they might have been dreams, but I don't really believe that either.

P.S. Asher now loves plums. He will scream if you try to take his away.

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  1. Next I'll knit you girls some proton packs to scare away the ghosts!