Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Homemade Baby Legs (and other crafty mom things)

Well, you get me tonight (Ann Lesley). Asher is taking the night off because he has some teeth coming in and is feeling cranky. I'm feeling cranky too, after dealing with him being cranky all last night and today, but I know how to handle it a little better than he does. I'm here tonight to tell you about my fairly new adventure into craftiness. I have never been a crafty person, but earlier this year I wanted to try making a mei tai baby carrier for Asher. I had been wanting a mei tai for a long time (even back to when Liana was a baby), but could never justify spending over $100 for one when I already had several decent carriers. So, I found a pattern and decided to go for it. It wasn't that hard to make--I ended up making a girly one for me and a manly one for Scott--and they turned out pretty awesome. I don't know why I waited so long because it's definitely the best carrier I've ever used.
I have also experimented with some clothes, for the kids and for their toys--here are the girls in some nightgowns and Asher in a Snuggie.

Today I worked on Baby Legs, which are basically baby leg warmers. I had heard about these for a while and never quite understood the point of them. But then I found this tutorial and decided to give it a try. They were so easy and they turned out really cute. Plus, I made them out of women's socks that I had gotten on clearance at Target for $1, so they were super cheap--and just as cute and the $10 brand name ones. Asher seems to like them too!

So, that's me being crafty. Enjoy! Hopefully Asher will be back tomorrow!

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  1. You ARE so crafty... can your family start doing some modeling so the rest of the world can see how adorable you all are?