Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things You Never Thought You'd Hear in Synagogue, Part 1

"No Torah fights!"

That was my mom and dad tonight, trying to keep my sisters from beating each other with stuffed Torahs at the Simchat Torah celebration. There might even have been Yad jousting, but I was in and out of a tooth induced coma.  When awake, I enjoyed chewing on my stuffed Torah. I named it Torahy.  It was actually quite refreshing to feel the soft fabric on my sore gums. I liked my friend so much that I brought Torahy home with me.

It's been a rough couple days in the country of Asher-land known as Asherbaijan. I barely slept last night from the pain (though I did enjoy staying up to watch "Survivor" and "Modern Family" with Mom and Dad).  I was leaking all over my face and boy was I hot.  I do this thing that I think is really funny.  I fall asleep in my Mom or Dad's arms and pass out hard.  You can lift and drop my arm and it does not phase me.  This game becomes funny when my Mom or Dad try to lower me into my crib.  Once I start my decent, I start to cry.  I am still asleep mind you.  This skill has taken a lot of practice, but it works really nicely.  So long story short, I got to sleep next to my Mom and snack whenever I want.  Once this tooth comes in, I am going to gnaw something. 

On a different note, my parents got a Digital SLR camera.  It is a Canon T2i.  The pictures are really good.  I hope they will put some up in the next couple days of me. 

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