Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I finally have found my C legs

Now do not think that the "C" is a typo.  I am not sailing the seven seas on a schooner.  Don't worry, I will not be on a boat for a while, but when I am I will certainly be wearing a nautical themed pashmina afghan*.  I am crawling.  Well, mostly crawling.  I am doing a lot of scooting.  I go forward and backwards.  It is sort of a combat crawl using my arms, belly, and legs.  No matter what it looks like, I can now move.  My sisters keep leaving tasty toys all over the ground that I can start to suck on.  Mom is tooooooo quick for me.  By the time I get to a Barbie shoe, forgotten crayon, My Little Pony, or their discarded and forgotten lunches, my Mother sweeps in like a peregrine falcon and takes it from my hands.  Ah cruel fate, I can now move to things and they are taken from me before I can get there.

Food Watch 10:  What am I not eating?  Well, all the things that I read about in Gourmet, but I have some good grub gliding down my gullet.  I had a home made french fry, beet salad (pureed) , solid peas and carrots, puffs, peaches, pizza (gummed), and a succulent strip steak from the fine city of New York (not really, but a boy can certainly dream).

Thanks again for all my fans who have been reading incognito.  I have had page views from the United States, Israel, Canada, and Croatia. Just under seven hundred page views in less than a month is pretty awesome.  Thank you fans.  I do all of this for you!

*This is a current cultural reference that went right over my mother's head.  If you do not get it, shoot me a line and I will enlighten you.

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  1. Great! Now that you're traveling, you can start heading over to Israel for the wedding. No need to get here faster than your mom can catch you, she's invited too. Along with your dad and sisters (I know, I know, but I love them TOO!)

    (peregrine falcon?)
    <3 Audrey